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Hundreds of Salvadorans march against water privatization

Demonstrators have marched through San Salvador to demand that lawmakers “move immediately to approve a long-stalled constitutional measure making access to water a human right.” The march was to protest an agreement “by a key committee in the Legislative Assembly to include representatives of industry and agri-business on the board of the National Water Authority. (…) The idea of including private-sector representatives in water management is supported by Arena and other parties ranging from center-right to right, while the governing leftist FMLN is opposed.” @ajplus says “people in El Salvador are fighting for the right to clean water. Droughts and attempts at water privatization could create a new wave of climate refugees.”

Source: www.efe.com

The use of private firefighters and inmates could be seen as a way to avoid funding public services

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has warned that “there is good reason to fear that the growing use of private firefighters and inmates could be seen as a way to avoid funding public services at the level required to respond to climate change.”

Source: nupge.ca

The Great Barrier Reef: government was “outsourcing its responsibility"

The opposition Labor Party says, if elected, it will reverse the government’s decision to put the fight against the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef in the hands of a private organization. “Labor says that should it win office, it will re-allocate the funding to public sector agencies.” The party's environment spokesman, Tony Burke, said the government was “outsourcing its responsibility. (…) The foundation is scrambling to try to deal with a level of responsibility that can only properly be handled with the advice and corporate knowledge of the government agencies themselves." Mr. Burke said “the government has a policy to privatise the decision making over the Great Barrier Reef and have priorities and delivery agents determined by a small foundation.”

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"Major French companies: a disastrous impact for society and the planet! " (available in French)

Attac France and the Observatory for Multinationals have released their new report on French multinationals (CAC 40) "Major French companies: a disastrous impact for society and the planet! " (available in French). This report summarizes the true balance sheet of the CAC 40 companies in terms of social justice, ecological justice and tax justice. The authors analyse the rise of profits, dividends and CEO salaries while considering the key principles of social justice.


Carbon and inequality: from Kyoto to Paris. Trends in the global inequality of carbon emissions (1998-2013) & prospects for an equitable adaptation fund

This study presents evolutions in the global distribution of CO2e emissions (CO2 and other Green House Gases) between world individuals from 1998 and 2013 and examines diferent strategies to fnance a global climate adaptation fund based on eforts shared among high world emitters rather than high-income countries.


Guidelines for PSI Emergency Response Work

Natural disasters, epidemics and pandemics, war and conflict (hereafter referred to as ‘emergencies’) impose serious challenges to communities and to public service workers, especially first responders and frontline workers. These emergencies are made worse by the negative impacts of “man-made disasters” such as austerity/budget cuts, privatization, outsourcing, short staffing, and lack of regular trained staff.

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