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The Great Barrier Reef: government was “outsourcing its responsibility"

The opposition Labor Party says, if elected, it will reverse the government’s decision to put the fight against the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef in the hands of a private organization. “Labor says that should it win office, it will re-allocate the funding to public sector agencies.” The party's environment spokesman, Tony Burke, said the government was “outsourcing its responsibility. (…) The foundation is scrambling to try to deal with a level of responsibility that can only properly be handled with the advice and corporate knowledge of the government agencies themselves." Mr. Burke said “the government has a policy to privatise the decision making over the Great Barrier Reef and have priorities and delivery agents determined by a small foundation.”

Local government authorities are moving away from public services outsourcing

A new report has revealed that local government authorities are moving away from public services outsourcing. “The survey of local government leaders, chief executives and mayors, published by the New Local Government Network (NLGN), found that 39% say they will outsource less over the next two years. It also showed that only 15% say they intend to outsource more over the next two years, while 46% indicate no change from current levels.” [Report: From Transactions to Changemaking: Rethinking Partnerships between the Public and Private Sectors]

Outsourcing educational support professional positions

The Davenport Education Association (in Iowa) unanimously has passed a resolution opposing a proposal by the Davenport Community School District to consider outsourcing educational support professional (ESP) positions within the district to private companies. ESP positions “make up the DCSD’s employees in the custodial, maintenance, food service, para educator and clerical/secretarial departments and job classifications of the DCSD.” The DEA notes that “rotating crews of privatized support-service employees may not have the same level of commitment to DCSD students as career-minded ESP employees hired in-house, [and] the primary motivation of the companies offering outsourcing or privatized support services to the DCSD is making a profit and not serving the DCSD’s students or communities.”

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Standing Guard. How Unaccountable Contracting Fails Governments and Taxpayers.

When governments outsource vital public services, how carefully are contractors being watched? As local and state governments increasingly contract out critical public services that are crucial to the well-being of the community, the need for robust contract oversight is pressing. Yet, recent research and the experiences of cities and states across the county show that too often contract oversight is lax.


Fact Sheet: Higher Education. Outsourcing Higher Education Support Services: The Wrong Choice

State funding for higher education has been on the decline for decades. Administrators believe that outsourcing support services will save money while maintaining quality and accountability. They’re wrong. Privatization leads to a loss of accountability, fails to save money and lowers the quality of services, while harming workers and the local economy.

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