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Bahamians ‘have first rights’ on all outsourcing opportunities at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company

Dino Rolle, the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union’s (BCPOU) president, is urging the prime minister “to ensure Bahamians ‘have first rights’ on all outsourcing opportunities at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) if downsizing continues. (…) Mr. Rolle said he made his requests at the side of yesterday’s meeting between the prime minister and multiple trade union leaders, as he warned that the BCPOU will ‘not sit on our hands for ever’ if its grievances are not resolved.”


The London Borough of Tower Hamlets ditches its outsourcing contract with Veolia

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is to take its waste collection, recycling and street cleansing service in-house from April 2020, ditching its outsourcing contract with Veolia. Mayor John Biggs said “this marks the first step in the council’s move towards the delivery of an improved service. It follows on from our recent waste consultation, which generated a huge range of responses from local people and businesses. It’s an important decision and one I’m determined we get right for our residents and the staff involved. I am committed to keeping our streets clean, increasing recycling and making the borough cleaner and greener.” Nearly 50% of contracts are due to expire by the end of 2019.

Source: Materials Recycling World

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Standing Guard. How Unaccountable Contracting Fails Governments and Taxpayers.

When governments outsource vital public services, how carefully are contractors being watched? As local and state governments increasingly contract out critical public services that are crucial to the well-being of the community, the need for robust contract oversight is pressing. Yet, recent research and the experiences of cities and states across the county show that too often contract oversight is lax.


Fact Sheet: Higher Education. Outsourcing Higher Education Support Services: The Wrong Choice

State funding for higher education has been on the decline for decades. Administrators believe that outsourcing support services will save money while maintaining quality and accountability. They’re wrong. Privatization leads to a loss of accountability, fails to save money and lowers the quality of services, while harming workers and the local economy.

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