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“How to win a ‘Nobel’ in Economics?"

Paul Romer, the NYU economist who was just awarded a Nobel Prize, is the inventor of the concept of “charter cities”—fully privatized municipalities. Honduras was supposed to be one of the first targets. Mark Ames (a close-up observer of the disastrous Russian privatizations of the 1990s) explains: “How to win a ‘Nobel’ in Economics: find a Latin American country whose military just overthrew its elected leftist president, propose dystopian privatization experiment giving multinationals complete dictatorial control over their sweatshop labor.”

Inquiry confirms consulting giants are milking the APS dry

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says a parliamentary inquiry has exposed the big multinational consulting firms for milking the public services dry. “The scrutiny comes at the same time as departmental submissions to the Turnbull Government’s APS Review have confirmed the Government’s illogical cap on Commonwealth staffing numbers is driving costly outsourcing to consulting firms and through contractors and labour hire arrangements,” says CPSU.

Source: Community and Public Sector Union

A prelude to water privatization in Jalisco

Experts are warning against steps they see as a prelude to water privatization in Jalisco. “For his part, the researcher José Antonio Gómez Reyna explained that the ban now lifted was to protect the social interest in the limited availability of water in the basins, and now he is guaranteeing legal certainty for transnational corporations so they can operate freely. ‘My question is: who will be the owner of the Rio Lerma Santiago River, Lake Chapala, [and] Green River,’ he said.”


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