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"Mexico should contemplate the partial privatization of Pemex"

With its debt growing, the president of Bursamétrica, Ernesto O'Farril, says Mexico should contemplate the partial privatization of Pemex, the Mexican energy company. His proposal “considers that the debt of Pemex, as well as the Federal Electricity Commission, would have to be separate on two fronts: unproductive assets and labor liabilities that are left to the government and, on the other hand, projects that may be more attractive for private investors.”

Source: La Jornada

Mexican president: Energy regulator has conflict of interest

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has accused previous governments of “striving to twist the neck of the goose that lays the golden egg” for betting on the privatization of Pemex and the CFE, instead of strengthening them. He pledged to ensure that there is no more corruption and privatization. “We want there to be business for the private sector, but that also benefits the public sector, business for the nation,” [CE NoticiasFinancieras, 18 February 2019]. Lopez Obrador says Mexico's independent Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has a conflict of interest and has called on its head, Guillermo Garcia Alcocer, to resign. He says some officials were “subordinate to a policy of privatization, and maintained relationships with individuals who benefited from contracts in both the Federal Electricity Commission and Petroleos Mexicanos.”

Source: www.efe.com

Pemex: the dismantling of the company and the privatization of its facilities will stop

Gustavo Romero Oropeza, the new director general of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has announced that the dismantling of the company and the privatization of its facilities will stop. “Romero Oropeza said the good news is that the dismantling of the current administration, which has suffered in recent years, will stop. Nor will there be a single divestment more, nor a single monetization, nor a single privatization more of our oil installations. The official said that the Mexican government is aware of the relevance of Pemex for public finances and to ensure national sovereignty.”

Source: La Jornada