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Remunicipalisation Conference 2016

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) is pushing local authorities across Britain to outsource waste services, launching a glossy 26-page report. The report comes in the wake of ESA’s January “Remunicipalisation Conference.” However, Susanne Halmer and Barbara Hauenschild noted in their extensive study of remunicipalization—including of waste services—that regarding privatization, “all of Europe is experiencing a change of direction. The resentment of people throughout Europe because of the approach of private providers has hugely increased. The public sector is taking over formerly public, over the course of time privatized tasks with increasing frequency. Remunicipalisation is always carried out as a consequence of disappointing privatizations and liberalization.”

Source: letsrecycle.com

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Norwegian municipalities bringing social services back into public hands (by Bjørn Pettersen and Nina Monsen)

This article discusses the processes of remunicipalisation in Norway. In recent years, 21 services have been de-privatised and brought back into public hands in municipalities across the country. This wave of de-privatisations comes after a change in political leadership in many municipalities after the local elections of 2015. Cooperation between the trade unions, the municipal administrations and the local politicians has been fundamental in these remunicipalisation processes.