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Positive tendencies regarding privatization policies in Norway

Norwegian trade unions, currently in the middle of national collective agreement negotiations, are waging a successful battle against the privatization of public services. “Interestingly, we have seen some positive tendencies regarding privatization policies in Norway over the last couple of years, particularly at municipal level. At the local elections in September last year, centre-left majorities took over many of the biggest cities, and some of these new majorities have started to re-municipalize some of the services which had previously been privatized or tendered out to private companies. This is the case for some of the nursing homes for elderly, for cleaning of public buildings and for the use of temporary workers’ agencies. A coalition of trade unions and other organizations in our Campaign for the Welfare State has been instrumental in developing this policy, in a national campaign against ‘welfare profiteers,’ as we call them.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

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