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National Bank takeover bid hit by legal issues

The proposed privatisation of Kenya’s National Bank has run into trouble “following claims that the deal is being done in violation of the rules governing the sale of state-owned companies.” Critics say the government “has not complied with the privatisation law, and is proceeding with the sale without the involvement of the Privatisation Commission—the agency that oversees the sale of all state assets, including mergers. The commission is required by law to execute each privatisation proposal that the Cabinet has approved.”

Source: The East African

Ministry Overhauls Privatisation Laws

The government is overhauling its privatisation proclamation to “specify which government body will oversee the asset valuation of public enterprises, bring them to public auctions, managing transactions and transfer the enterprises to buyers.” The proclamation was produced with the technical support of the World Bank Group and the Tony Blair Foundation.

Source: addisfortune.news

Housing Minister accused of delaying 2016 bill to prevent privatisation of Irish Water

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy “has deliberately sought to delay a bill aimed at ensuring Irish Water remains a public company, the Opposition has claimed.” Sinn Féin TD Eoin O Broin says “we are fed up with the delays, we want to proceed. Absolutely they are seeking to delay this. (…) Mr. Ó Broin expressed his anger with the further postponement of Committee Stage of the Water in Public Ownership Bill that was due to take place tomorrow. ‘The Committee Stage of Water in Public Ownership Bill has been delayed yet again at Minister Murphy’s request. This is clearly a delaying tactic by the government as it clearly does not want a referendum to ensure water services remain in public ownership,’ he said.”

Source: www.irishexaminer.com

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Stop Bad Contracts – Protect Public Services: Sample Provisions from State Statutes

States and local governments spend a substantial portion of their budgets on contracted services, often with no assurance that quality of service will be maintained, costs will be controlled or the public interest will be protected. There ought to be a law! And in many states there are laws that help to protect the public interest. Following are some examples.