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Forskarna som är för och emot privatisering

Omsorgsforskaren Marta Szebehely ser mest problem med den privata när­varon inom äldreomsorgen, medan nationalekonomen Mats Bergman anser att konkurrensen har ökat lyhördheten gentemot äldre och anhöriga.

Source: www.aldreicentrum.se

Inside the SAA battle: Throwing toys and bugging boardrooms

As turmoil continues over the future of South African Airways, the South African Cabin Crew Association and the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa have linked the resignation of SAA’s CEO to a privatisation agenda and state capture. “‘We want to be upfront that we have always understood that there has been an agenda to privatise the SOEs and SAA is not immune to this,’ the statement said, while also seeking to link Gordhan to what it said is a Rothschild agenda to privatise SOEs. It also said: ‘What has consistently strengthened this belief is that in all SOEs, if Rothschild is not directly involved in the boards, it acts as consultants and/or advisers. The big question, therefore, is: how is its meddling in the affairs of SOEs any different from the previous meddling of the Guptas, which the country is still recovering from?’”

Source: The M&G Online

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Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2018

"The world is off-track in terms of achieving sustainable development and fundamental policy changes are necessary to unleash the transformative potential of the SDGs.” This is the main message of the Spotlight Report 2018, the most comprehensive independent assessment of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The report was launched on 9 July, the opening day of the High Level Political Forum at the United Nations in New York by a global coalition of civil society organizations and trade unions.


Democratising Knowledge: a report on the scholarly publisher, Elsevier

Democratising Knowledge: a report on the scholarly publisher, Elsevier, aims to provide the foundations for a critical study into Elsevier’s business model and practices. The study also aims at contributing to developing policy objectives relating to open public access to research and educational materials, academic freedom, researcher autonomy, and the scholarly communication system. This research will form a key part of Education International’s Global Response campaign on the commercialisation and marketisation in and of education aimed specifically at the further and higher education and research sector.

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Victory for public healthcare

Public service unions have won the battle to keep five New South Wales hospitals from being privatized thanks to the tireless efforts of the NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association, Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation of NSW, the Health Services Union NSW and local residents of Shellharbour, Maitland, Bowral, Wyong & Goulburn. The Power of the people kept NSW In A Healthy State!


Utan er ingen skola

❤️ UTAN ER, INGEN SKOLA! ❤️ Ni är många som ser till att hela skoldagen fungerar. Som ger elever utrymme att vara sig själva, och läraren stöd i undervisningen. Som serverar Sveriges kräsnaste gäster så att de orkar vara nyfikna hela eftermiddagen. Ni som hanterar stök och taskigt klotter och gör skolan till en plats att trivas på. Som kommer först och går sist. Utan ert arbete blir det ingen skola! Läs mer här om hur Kommunal vill att skolan ska utvecklas.👇 kommunal.se/utaneringenskola

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