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The Great Take Over: How we fight the Davos capture of global governance

The Webinar will be presented in a dynamic and participatory format. An introductory framing will address the ongoing take over of corporate capture and privatization of global governance. From a multi-sectoral perspective, key movements and sectors (Health, Food, Education, Environment, High Tech) will share their struggles, strategies and common challenges.

Webinar: Enough is Enough - Privatisation & public services

Join us for an online discussion on 19th October 2020 bringing together for the first time current and former UN Special Rapporteurs to reflect on the impacts of privatisation and on renewed momentum and strategies for the public provision of services related to economic, social and cultural rights such as health, education, water sanitation and housing.

Webinar: Occupational Safety and Health of Nurses in India

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has placed healthcare workers (HCWs) at an unprecedented occupational risk of morbidity and mortality. This joint online event jointly on the occasion of World Patient Safety Day 2020, aims to highlight, understand, and move towards addressing the occupational safety and health status of nurses in India.