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Over 500 trade unionistsmarch to protest the effect of unpaid salaries,austerity-created economic crisis on publicly-owned companies, and draconian new labor law

Over 500 trade unionists from the Rouiba industrial zone march to protest the effect of unpaid salaries, the impact of the austerity-created economic crisis on their publicly-owned companies, and the impact of a draconian new labor law. Mokdad Messaoudi, the general secretary of the local union (UGTA), which represents 86 trade union sections, said “the Hydro Technique public company has not paid its 2,000 employees for two months. (…) This company cannot complete its projects or even meet its costs vis-a vis the tax authorities. (…) Not only we do not pay them, but they are accused of not getting good results. All this is done in order to justify privatization in the future.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

SNTF is being softened up for privatization

Striking train drivers warn that SNTF is being softened up for privatization. “We denounce the mismanagement of human resources within the National Railway Company (SNTF) and we are against its privatization,” said Haroun Boulemya, a trade union leader. “There is a clear desire to bring the SNTF on its knees to justify its privatization.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it