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SNCF reform legislation adopted

After 30 days of strike, the longest in the last 30 years, the consolidated version of the government’s railway reform legislation was formally adopted by the Sénat in a 245:83 vote on June 14. The reforms convert the SNCF Group, operator SNCF Mobilitées and infrastructure manager SNCF Réseau from their current 'EPIC' status as state organizations into state-owned joint-stock companies, giving the management greater corporate responsibility. SNCF’s monopoly of the domestic passenger rail market is to be phased out, with the introduction of open access competition on core routes from 2020 and competitive tendering of regional operating contracts from 2023, in line with the EU’s Fourth Railway Package. New staff joining the rail sector after January 1st 2020 will have revised terms and conditions.

Source: Railway Gazette