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The 'Uberfication' of education: warning about commercial operators

Angelo Gavrielatos, head of the commercialisation campaign of Educationa International, warns against the ‘Uberfication’ of education. “Education International is targeting ‘educorporations’ including Pearson and Bridge International Academies, a company listed in Delaware, US, that operates in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, India and Liberia. The World Bank and Pearson are supporters of Bridge International.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

National Education Union to stage rallies against profiteer Pearson

Members of the National Education Union (NEU) will rally at Savoy Place in London against multinational assessment service Pearson, which is closely involved with Bridge — one of the world’s largest education-for-profit companies. As a “low-fee” private schools provider, Bridge intends to extend its influence throughout Africa and Asia within the next decade, with a business plan that union campaigners claim is focused on maximising profit at the expense of educational quality.

Source: Morning Star

Pearson plans to privatize education worldwide

Pearson plans to privatize education worldwide. “The company has its eye on much, much more. Investment firm GSV Advisors recently estimated the annual global outlay on education at $5.5 trillion and growing rapidly. The figure is nearly on par with the global health care industry, but there is no Big Pharma yet in education. Most of that money circulates within government bureaucracies. Pearson would like to become education’s first major conglomerate, serving as the largest private provider of standardized tests, software, materials, and now the schools themselves.”

Source: WIRED