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Waste disposal contract blocked after fury in Birmingham

A controversial five-year contract with Veolia for Birmingham's waste disposal services has been blocked following widespread criticism. “A major talking point with the original contract surrounds the condition that Veolia is obliged to leave the incinerator in by the end. But even the inquiry failed to shed much light around the issue—at least in public— with much of the debate held in private due to 'commercial sensitivity.’ Cllr Paul Tilsley (Lib Dems, Sheldon) on the committee, said: ‘I can't believe that Birmingham City Council in 1993/94 entered into a contract with Veolia which would at the end of 25 years let them off 'scot-free.’”

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Recycling is 'being burned because a refuse giant is overwhelmed'

Recycling is “being burned because a private refuse giant is overwhelmed,” according to a whistleblower. “Veolia has allegedly turned away trucks carrying a total of 40 tonnes of recycling in the week after the festive period. The whistleblower claims the company then incinerated the waste, collected in Brighton, when it ‘should have been recycled.’” Brighton and Hove Council vowed to launch a thorough investigation.

Source: Metro

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets ditches its outsourcing contract with Veolia

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is to take its waste collection, recycling and street cleansing service in-house from April 2020, ditching its outsourcing contract with Veolia. Mayor John Biggs said “this marks the first step in the council’s move towards the delivery of an improved service. It follows on from our recent waste consultation, which generated a huge range of responses from local people and businesses. It’s an important decision and one I’m determined we get right for our residents and the staff involved. I am committed to keeping our streets clean, increasing recycling and making the borough cleaner and greener.” Nearly 50% of contracts are due to expire by the end of 2019.

Source: Materials Recycling World

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Conflict of interest: how corporations that profit from privatisation are helping write UN standards on PPPs Briefing by Public Services International to UNECE Working Party on PPPs

The UNECE Working Party on PPPs is attempting to create guiding principles and international standards on PPPs. With this in mind, the UNECE established a Roster of PPP Experts, “open to PPP practitioners with relevant experience in delivering PPP programmes” 5 to serve as advisors and enablers for the process. An analysis of this Roster conducted by PSI found that 190 of the 360 “Experts” named on the roster, come from the private sector; civil society representation is virtually non-existent; workers and unions, who have first hand experience in dealing with PPPs and face the consequence of failures, are entirely missing from the list of experts and advisory functions...PSI also presented a series of brief case studies on the practices of companies represented on the UNECE Roster of PPP Experts and Business Advisory Board, examining their past involvement in PPPs and analysing aspects of their financial practices.


Public risks, private profits.VEOLIA environment. Profiles of Canada’s public-private partnership industry.

New research exposes the risks of privatizing Canada’s water and wastewater systems by entering into public-private partnerships with one of the world’s biggest corporations. The in-depth profile of water multinational Veolia Environment is the second in a series produced jointly by CUPE and the Polaris Institute.The Public risks, private profits series is an important tool for communities challenging P3s.