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PSI Warns Governments Against Privatization Attempts in Africa: “PPPs Only Another Face of Corruption"

PSI affiliates in Nigeria in collaboration with the Environmental Rights Action and Friends of the Earth Nigeria held a workshop in Lagos on 3-4 April. Representatives from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda also attended the meeting.

Lagos water Workshop: "claims that PPP is not privatization should not be believed”

A heightening campaign among trade unions is pushing back against the Adiyan Phase II Water Scheme which constitutes a major threat on the security of water of Nigeria’s capital. leaders of PSI affiliates in Nigeria, the Environmental Rights Action (ERA), met at a roundtable to discuss the matter in detail and draw up the plan ahead. The people of Lagos “have made their strong opposition to water privatization abundantly clear for years,” the group said, adding that “despite the World Bank Group’s own research showing a high rate of failure for privatization projects in the water sector,” it appears to be a main proponent in this new move by their government.

Source: www.world-psi.org

Protests grow over an “environmental protection” bill

Protests grow over an “environmental protection” bill seen as a stalking horse for water privatization. “A coalition of civil society groups, grassroots campaigners and water unionists have vowed to resist the Lagos State Environmental Management and Protection Bill which was passed into law on [February 21] by the Lagos House of Assembly, less than two weeks after the groups challenged key sections of the bill at a public hearing organized by the House Committee on the Environment.”

Source: Premium Times Nigeria

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