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PSI affiliate suspects fishy deal following announcement of Meralco Consortium as new manager of electricity in Ghana

The Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU), a PSI affiliate in Ghana, is accusing the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) and the government of Ghana of intentionally excluding them from the Evaluation Panel during the last round of negotiations that led to the selection of the concessionaire, Meralco Consortium, a Philippines firm, to manage the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Source: www.world-psi.org

Workers are demanding a severance package

Workers are demanding a severance package before the planned privatization of the Electricity Company of Ghana. The Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU) “is disappointed and surprised by the lack of engagement that has been demonstrated by the present government with respect to key labour issues on the Private Sector Participation under the Compact 2 which is a sharp contrast to promises made to them by the President during the 2016 campaign. According to him, the labour laws define clearly that whenever there is going to be an arrangement or amalgamation causes ‘severance of the legal relationship of worker and employee as it existed immediately before the close down, arrangement or amalgamation,’ the worker is entitled to be paid by the employer, referred to as ‘redundancy pay.’”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

Government To Blame For ECG’s ‘Inefficiency’

As terms of the Electricity Company of Ghana’s partial privatization remain murky, Michael Nyantakyi, General Secretary of Public Utilities Workers Union, says the government should be blamed for ECG’s poor management. “Government is supposed to provide subsidies but these subsidies are not coming and months and months, the services are being rendered. You cannot deny these inefficiencies but you cannot blame it on only ECG workers.”

Source: www.peacefmonline.com