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“Nurses are very over-worked"

Nadia Rodriguez, a member of the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association, and an enrolled nurse at Shellharbour Hospital, where she has worked for 18 years, says “nurses are very over-worked." NSW opposition leader Luke Foley has questioned the government’s budget promises, saying “now that the government has at least temporarily walked away from their privatization plans, they need to spell out what exactly $251 million will deliver here, then we'll be in a position to respond."

Source: Illawarra Mercury

NMA says “Not-for-profits are not the answer”

The New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association says “Not-for-profits are not the answer.” NMA says “St. Vincent’s travails highlight a common misconception about not-for-profit hospitals. Not-for-profit suggests they don’t care about making money—which they do. In fact, which they must. They are subject to the same economic laws as other entities running complex organizations like a hospital. (…) Some of the American not-for-profit hospitals are massive businesses. The famous Cleveland Clinic has annual revenue of $7.2 billion and has over 50,000 employees. Its 2016 profits were $514 million. Over four years it made $2.7 billion in profits. Its CEO, Toby Cosgrove, an adviser to Donald Trump, earned a tick under $US5 million a year.”

Source: www.nswnma.asn.au

Australia's push to private health care is making citizens sick

The Australian health care system is often projected as one of the most efficient and effective in the world, with its universal Medicare system. Medicare is a universal insurance scheme that initially allowed free healthcare at point of access, regardless of income; funded through the country’s taxation system.

Source: PSI