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There’s no good reason to pay staff a pound less

Bolton Hospital workers went on a 48-hour strike to protest unfair pay. Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, says “there’s no good reason to pay staff a pound less than others doing the same job, just because they’re employed by a subco. UNISON stands with the IFM strikers—and others fighting unfair subcos—as they fight for the wages they deserve.”

Bolton hospital staff strike in unfair pay dispute

Bolton Hospital workers went on a 48-hour strike to protest unfair pay. “The workers are employed by iFM Bolton, a controversial wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bolton NHS Trust, which has offered less than nationally agreed pay rates. These workers do the same job as those working at Salford Royal Hospital and other hospitals yet are expected to work for less money than their counterparts. ‘This is a very simple matter of fairness’ said Kevin Lucas, UNISON North West Regional Manager. ‘Bolton's hospital workers deserve to be paid the NHS rate for the important jobs that they do. Why should they receive less than people doing the same jobs in neighbouring hospitals?”

Splashmobbers demand an end to privatised water in England

Campaigners and trade unionists are calling for the water industry to be nationalised – without compensation – 29 years after the sector was sold off. Activists from We Own It, (a campaign group for public services) and trade unions, like Unison and UNITE, took part in a ‘splash mob’ to highlight the huge payouts going to water company directors and shareholders – while prices rise for the public. [Video: https://youtu.be/-xMaXeR0sNk]

Source: www.world-psi.org

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This factsheet provides a comparison of the main features of unsocial hours schemes across public sector bargaining groups as well as community, voluntary and private sector organisations. It highlights the common features of schemes, the major trends that are reshaping unsocial hours arrangements and false comparisons that have been used by employers to try to erode schemes.