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A warning strike by ver.di

A warning strike by ver.di leads to a negotiated settlement with Suez Süd waste company. The pay agreement runs until the end of 2018. “It was important to us to enforce a table-effective increase. In this way, we contribute to ensuring that employees not only have more in their pockets now, but also later on more of their pension,” said Christian Hartard, negotiator for Rhineland-Palatinate.

Source: www.verdi.de

Public sector workers reach agreement on a pay rise

Public sector workers reach agreement on a pay rise with the federal and local governments. “More than two million workers are to receive a pay increase of 4.75 percent over two years, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said after a third round of talks with Germany's biggest services sector union, Verdi.”

Source: www.thelocal.de

Staff cuts and privatization have been accelerated

In addition to wage demands, public sector workers also have concerns about outsourcing. “Due to the so-called debt brake—which mandates spending cuts when the debt-to GDP ratio rises above 60 percent—and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s ‘balanced budget’ dictate, staff cuts and privatization have been accelerated. Routes on public transport networks have been handed to private bus companies and hospitals have been merged into larger associations and privatized. In every case, washing, catering, cleaning and other services have been outsourced to sub-contractors.”

Source: www.wsws.org