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Nurses have pleaded with the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the health sector

The National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) have pleaded with the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the health sector. “Mr. Wale Olatunde, Chairman, NANNM Public Health Institutions Sector, made the call at the on-going annual labour workshop in Abuja with the theme, ‘Harmonious Trade Dispute Resolution: A Panacea for a Healthy Industrial Relationship.’ Olatunde said that such a measure would purge the sector of inefficiency and corruption. He said there was need to liberate the administration of health care system from doctors, who, he claimed, were ruining the public health institutions ‘through privatization.’ He urged the Federal Government to ensure full and urgent implementation of the terms of agreement it entered into with the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU).”

Source: nursesarena.com

What Nigerian government must do to end health workers strike

Ogbonna Chimela, the National Vice Chairman of the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU)and President of the Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP) says the government has lost its way from when it originally introduced private contracting into the health sector. “In the original format, you are not supposed to lose any staff, those private owners who have equipment that government hospitals don't have will bring it in, bring experts to train people and the government will now sit down and discuss how the profit made from it will be shared with the private owners. (…) What the government is doing now is privatization and commercialization which is different. They will make the cost of things very high because the essence of the initiative is now profit making and not for the masses.

Source: Premium Times Nigeria