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Splashmobbers demand an end to privatised water in England

Campaigners and trade unionists are calling for the water industry to be nationalised – without compensation – 29 years after the sector was sold off. Activists from We Own It, (a campaign group for public services) and trade unions, like Unison and UNITE, took part in a ‘splash mob’ to highlight the huge payouts going to water company directors and shareholders – while prices rise for the public. [Video: https://youtu.be/-xMaXeR0sNk]

Source: www.world-psi.org

'Vote for a party that's pro-public services and anti-privatization'

During a crowded town hall meeting in Kenora on April 4, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas told people that the We Own It campaign is making privatization an election issue. Thomas told 89.5 The Lake that the We Own It campaign has now signed up more than 57,000 supporters. "We hope to mobilize those 57,000 people ... to vote in favour of a platform  that's pro public service and anti-privatization," Thomas said.

Source: OPSEU

The meeting on the privatization of public services and highway maintenance

Kenora Rainy-River MPP Sarah Campbell says the privatization of snow plowing is an important issue. “Campbell was speaking at the public town hall meeting on the privatization of public services and highway maintenance last night, hosted by the We Own It campaign. The campaign aims to bring private services back into the public sector. Campbell spoke about the difficulty that workers face, when working for a private company opposed to a public service. ‘They go from having good wages and stable working environments, to being on-call every single day, all winter long. If they want to do something with their families or just clock out for one day, they could lose their job.’”

Source: www.kenoraonline.com