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CITU Opposes Selling Off of Coal India Limited Shares to the Private Companies

The Modi government is planning to sell shares of the state-run enterprise, Coal India Limited, which is the biggest mining enterprise of coal in the world. The amount of stake to be put up for sale, however, is yet to be finalised. This decision was allegedly taken after the government failed to sell the shares of Air India.However, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions has opposed the government decision to open the coal sector for commercial mining by private players. Tapan Sen, General Secretary of CITU, said: “the government has been allotting coal blocks to various private companies, which would have been impermissible as per the nationalisation of Coal Act of the Constitution, but it has now been amended, all central trade unions, however, oppose this move”.

Source: NewsClick

Trade unions to protest government plans to sell stakes in 10 major companies

Trade unions have held a massive rally to protest government plans to sell stakes in 10 major companies. Centre of Indian Trade Unions National General Secretary Tapan Sen, MP, “alleged that the move was part of the concerted efforts of Union government to allow back-door entry to corporates like Reliance in the defence-related production sector. He said workers’ unity would help protect the PSUs from corporate greed to misappropriate government land and resources. INTUC State president R. Chandrasekharan, HMS leader Thampan Thomas, and M.B. Rajesh, MP, also used their speeches to stress the need for workers’ unity to protect the PSUs. [Public sector companies]”

Source: The Hindu