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The UGTT says that it “categorically refuses” the privatization of public banks

The UGTT, the main labor federation, says that it “categorically refuses” the privatization of public banks. The decision to sell state banks has not yet been taken, said Lamia Zribi, the Finance Minister. But Mongi Rahoui, chairman of the Finance Committee of the People’s Representative Assembly, says the authority to do so lies with the assembly, not the executive.

Source: www.aa.com.tr

Union framework for a democratic transition

The UGTT is “working on legislative translation of the principles enshrined in the 2014 constitution and we are making our mark on all the major bills in preparation, on the grounds of the economy, taxation and education,” said Anouar Ben Gueddour, a member of the executive committee and head of the department of studies. The UGTT is stepping up its battle against IMF imposed privatizations, which may bring about a clash with the current administration. The IMF programme specifically targets water and sanitation and banking.

Source: L'Humanité