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Two main reasons for the increase in strikes

Recent research by the Department of Labour Relations (DLR) has shown that there was a spike in strikes during the financial crisis, especially in 2012. “Deputy secretary general of PEO trade union, Sotiroula Charalambous, told the Cyprus Mail on Wednesday that there were two main reasons for the increase in strikes. Firstly, many employers breached collective bargaining agreements, which forced workers towards industrial action. Secondly, the strikes have increased due to the worker unions’ struggles against the privatization of public services,” Charalambous added.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

Global momentum is building to reject TiSA

Global momentum is building to reject TiSA, the trade in services agreement. Public Services International has published a report on the dangers of the agreement for the action plan against climate change adopted at the COP 21 climate conference at the end of 2015. TiSA Versus Climate Action: Trading Away Energy Democracy reports that “since TiSA talks define any and all activity related to energy—from exploration to distribution—as ‘energy related services,’ including government procurement, ERS would effectively extend over energy and climate policy the global trade rules that prioritize private investment and export expansion above all other public interests.” UNI Global Union has also issued a call for a global democratic debate on TiSA.

Source: peopleoverprof.it