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The EPSU is vindicated by French tax authorities for showing the red card to McDonald’s on tax avoidance

The European Federation of Public Service Unions is vindicated by French tax authorities for showing the red card to McDonald’s on tax avoidance. Tax officials in France are said to have demanded €300 million from McDonald’s in unpaid taxes and penalties. Nadja Salson, a policy officer for EFPSU, says “‘The net is closing in on McDonald’s.’ Although the group employs similar arrangements in the UK, she said that she was unaware of any moves to investigate it by the Treasury. Her organisation was among a coalition of unions that published a report, Unhappy Meal, last year claiming that McDonald’s had avoided taxes worth more than euros 1 billion in Europe between 2009 and 2013. The report said that the chain owed Britain unpaid tax of pounds 75.7 million, Italy euros 74.7 million and Spain euros 68.5 million. It put the figure in France at between euros 386.2 million and euros 713.6 million.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

The global experience with remunicipalisation

TNI, PSIRU, Multinational Observatory, MSP and EPSU have launched a new book on the emerging remunicipalisation trend and the questions it poses about the future of water privatisation. PSI Deputy General Secretary David Boys says, “This new report confirms the acceleration of remunicipalisation in the past five years. We ask the World Bank and other development actors to integrate these findings into their policies and programmes and to immediately stop imposing failed privatisation around the world.”

Source: www.world-psi.org

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Going Public: A Decarbonised, Affordable and Democratic Energy System for Europe

This PSIRU report, commissioned by EPSU, highlights the many failures of liberalisation – prices have increased for consumers by as much as double in the past 10 years, a quarter of jobs have been lost in the energy sector, and public monopolies have been replaced by powerful private cartels – and also offers alternatives for the future.