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Coalition to fight city's water "privatization"

Cape Town’s Water Crisis Coalition (WCC) and the SA Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) are mobilizing to fight against the city government’s Zero Day campaign, saying the administration is aiming for water privatization. “Shanel Johannes, a coalition organizer, said they were ‘completely against the privatization of water. When we formed in mid-January one of the first things we did was to open the Newlands spring for public access. There are more springs that we want to open. We know there is water,’ she said.”

Source: www.pressreader.com

South Africa: Coalition Calls for New Measures to Tackle Drought

Citizen activists are organizing for their human right to water, and to resist those bent on using the Cape Town water crisis to drive privatization. “On January 15, more than 60 organizations (residents, workers, small farmers, rights-based) came together to form the Water Crisis Coalition. Our first step forward was to force the City to extend the comment period for their proposed amendments to the water by-law to January 31. (…) Is this crisis being used as a cover for the privatization of water resources and provision?”. The WCC says it “seems CoCT is giving in to a bigger strategy to privatize water,” and is also demanding a ban on private consulting on water issues.

Source: allAfrica.com