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Demonstration against the austerity and privatization policies

Public sector and private sector workers held a demonstration in Quito against the austerity and privatization policies of the Moreno government. (Video, at 10:40). Trade unions, peasant organizations and LGBT groups took part. The President of the Ecuadorian Central of classist organizations (Cedoc), Fernando Ibarra, told Efe that this is a first demonstration of strength against the privatization of state enterprises and the in defense of the stability of public workers. “This call is taking shape against the discontent of the population with the government of President Lenin Moreno,” Ibarra said. He lamented the alleged “delivery of the country” to large national and international capital by the executive. He also rejected the "Paquetazo of neoliberal means" [neoliberal package—ed.] applied by Moreno, the new threat issued by the counselor Cuesta to dismiss thousands of public sector workers, and an end to the persecution of public sector workers’ leaders. Ibarra also said he will “present to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights an application for precautionary measures to prevent mass redundancies in the public sector.”

Source: eldiario.es