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Two main reasons for the increase in strikes

Recent research by the Department of Labour Relations (DLR) has shown that there was a spike in strikes during the financial crisis, especially in 2012. “Deputy secretary general of PEO trade union, Sotiroula Charalambous, told the Cyprus Mail on Wednesday that there were two main reasons for the increase in strikes. Firstly, many employers breached collective bargaining agreements, which forced workers towards industrial action. Secondly, the strikes have increased due to the worker unions’ struggles against the privatization of public services,” Charalambous added.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

The European Commission is demanding that Cyprus address “inefficiencies” in its public sector

The European Commission is demanding that Cyprus address “inefficiencies” in its public sector. “The country specific recommendations also include references to the necessity of resuming the privatization programme, which provided for the sale of state-telecom Cyta and the government, abandoned in face of strong political and union opposition early last year. With respect to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, which the government removed from its privatization list a year earlier, Cyprus should split it in two by the end of 2017.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

Port strike on hold, but auditor voices privatisation concerns

The auditor general finds major problems with the privatization/concession deal that was concluded for Limassol port earlier this year. The deal had not been legally vetted or presented to the attorney general’s office for deliberation or consultation. “Limassol port workers decided on Wednesday to give 30 more days to try and resolve a dispute with the general cargo operator over the distribution of work on the dock.”

Source: Cyprus Mail