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A new water law will set the stage for water privatization

Opposition lawmakers appeal a new water law to the Supreme Court, saying it will set the stage for water privatization and reduce the role of citizens in decision-making. The law “redefines water resources as an ‘economic good,’ which has provoked concerns from both environmental groups and the private sector. The law would principally affect the country's hydroelectric, agricultural, and industrial sectors as the highest commercial consumers of water, and will potentially increase environmental sensitivity to projects using large volumes of water, such as the US$2.5-billion El Diquís Hydroelectric Project in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas, which has been stalled since 2011 due to indigenous opposition. The law's passage will depend on a favourable Constitutional Court ruling, and subsequently on its prioritisation amid other urgent legislation ahead of the February 2018 presidential election.” [IHS Global Insight Daily Analysis, 15 November 2017].

Costa Rica: Quality public healthcare system in danger

Since the 1990s, neoliberal policies have claimed victims in the public services sector run by the Costa Rican state. The rise of the neoliberal globalization which is expanding with free trade, has involved big businesses aggressive pursuit of new sources of profit. This is the reason behind the waves of privatization of public services like water, education, health and others.

Source: PSI

Riverton — A lost resource

Writing in the Jamaica Observer, columnist William Saunders analyses the politics and economics of municipal waste-to-energy projects in developing countries. He looks at the role of public authorities and municipal regulation vs. private contracting, and advocates outsourcing. “A necessary step toward returning the authority to its core functions is the need to wind up these subsidiaries and placing all collection operations in the hands of private contractors.”

Source: Jamaica Observer

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Encuesta sobre trabajar en pandemia en el Sector Público de América Latina

El propósito de la encuesta es conocer las condiciones en que se desempeñan trabajadores y trabajadoras de los servicios públicos bajo diversas modalidades de trabajo, analizar la desigual carga de trabajo de cuidados no remunerados y la mayor exposición a violencia de género de las mujeres en el marco de la crisis sanitaria que están experimentando los países de la región.