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Community forum on the “Defense of common and public goods”

PSI joined Colombian trade unions, water and environmental civil society organisations in Medellin, Colombia on 12 May for a Community forum on the “Defense of common and public goods”. The Forum discussed the new privatization threats and the plunder of natural and cultural common goods and public institutions through government policies and the signing of international treaties, such as the international agreement on trade, TISA, which Colombia is currently negotiating with 49 other countries. The Forum committed to pursuing the work of denouncing and publicizing the effects of privatization while pushing for public-public agreements, public-community agreements, community-community solidarity and support as well as sharing strengths both nationally and internationally to counter the effects of public-private –partnerships (PPPs) promoted by international financial institutions and multinationals.

Source: Penca de Sábila

Bogota seeks to privatize public telecommunication company ETB

The government plans to privatize the public telecommunication company, ETB, just weeks after the privatization of an energy company caused major protests. “The move infuriated Colombians, and was particularly suspicious as five of the original six bidders retreated, enabling Brookfields to acquire the share for the minimal bidding price.” The ETB administration board is citing recurrent losses.

Source: Colombia News | Colombia Reports

Colombia seeks foreign companies for prison privatization effort

The government is seeking foreign private companies to run prisons. “According to Caracol Noticias, Medina did not discard the possibility that the governments of the United States, China and Spain could be involved in the execution of the projects. The prisons are tentatively planned for construction in the departments of Cauca, Antioquia, Santander, and Putumayo and will each hold 3,500 inmates.” Union workers from the prison authority INPEC have given the Medellin government until April 29th to meet them to address the overcrowding emergency.

Source: Colombia News | Colombia Reports

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Encuesta sobre trabajar en pandemia en el Sector Público de América Latina

El propósito de la encuesta es conocer las condiciones en que se desempeñan trabajadores y trabajadoras de los servicios públicos bajo diversas modalidades de trabajo, analizar la desigual carga de trabajo de cuidados no remunerados y la mayor exposición a violencia de género de las mujeres en el marco de la crisis sanitaria que están experimentando los países de la región.