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The State is responsible for having piloted the privatization

Cheikh Diop, general secretary of the National Confederation of Workers of Senegal/Force of Change (CNTS / FC) has denounced the delay of September salaries of Dakar-Bamako Ferroviaire (DBF) workers. "The State of Senegal is the main [one] responsible for this situation, for having piloted the privatization of the former Transrail, which gave birth to DBF,” said Diop.

Source: allAfrica.fr

Efforts to privatize the company have failed

The national electricity company, Senelec, continues to face financial difficulties because of technical failures, low end-user prices and the higher price of oil. But efforts to privatize the company have failed. “Initially, in 1999, the State sold 34% of the company's capital to a consortium made up of Hydro-Quebec and Elyo. However, in 2000 the Government cancelled the contract because of continuous power cuts. It then launched a call for tenders for the sale of 51% of the capital in 2001, which failed.” [Global Energy Research, 11 December 2016]

Source: peopleoverprof.it