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Saudi Arabia’s water sector seeks private partners

Riyadh is turning to the private sector to meet the growing demand for wastewater and potable water infrastructure. “Already in the early part of 2019 contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars have been awarded for Saudi Arabia’s first public-private partnership (PPP) water and wastewater schemes, and more awards and tenders are expected before the end of the year. (…) The kingdom’s Water & Electricity Company (WEC), an entity fully owned by the Ministry of Finance and charged with overseeing the development of PPP desalination and wastewater projects, has awarded several contracts for the kingdoms first independent water project (IWP) and independent sewage treatment project (ISTP) since the end of 2018.”

Source: Water Technology

Saudi Arabia’s new ‘public-private partnership’ law

Hogan Lovells, a major international law firm, is pointing to Saudi Arabia’s new ‘public-private partnership’ law and saying deals are on the way. “An increased number of public-private partnership (PPP) projects will get off the ground around the region, with a growing focus on renewables, transportation, education and healthcare. The impact of key market regulations will become clearer as they are approved and implemented: PPP law in Saudi Arabia and possibly Oman; Foreign Investment Law in UAE and Qatar.”

Source: www.lexology.com