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If anything will change under President Mario Abdo Benítez?

Journalist Celso Guanipa Castro asks if anything will change under President Mario Abdo Benítez, who has completed a tour of the USA where he met with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, IMF Executive Director Christine Lagarde, and with the president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Luis Alberto Moreno. “Mario Abdo weathered the internal contradictions in his party, especially with Cartes, always supported by the U.S. embassy, which appears to support the new government. For social movements, it will be the continuation of the submissive, anti-national and anti-popular governments; servile to the interests of the U.S., transnationals and the International Monetary Fund, which has already begun to tighten against workers' rights with the privatization of social security, among other reforms required for the next two years.”

Source: Diario La República