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Economist advises to proceed cautiously with privatization

Economist Mally Likukela advises Windhoek to proceed cautiously with privatization. “Governments can sell some of these assets to alleviate liquidity constraints and finance its expenditure. Asset sales include whole or partial privatisation of some state-owned entities (SOEs) SOEs and the sale of government property remains a viable option for Namibia. Although asset sales create a 'once-off' impact on the budget, the sales may also result in the loss of government revenue in future years, so government needs to choose wisely,” said Likukela.

Source: New Era Live

Fitch Ratings sees more privatization in 2018

Fitch Ratings sees more privatization in 2018. “The Public Enterprise Governance Act Amendment bill will streamline the institutional framework of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Its approval in Parliament is likely in 2018. The reform may reduce government transfers to unprofitable public companies and also paves the way for a possible partial privatization of some state assets, notably the telecoms operator MTC.”

Source: af.reuters.com