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‘Public-private partnership’ is raising concern among carriers, users and the consumers

A 30-year concession let out to Chinese interests for a main commercial road from Pointe-Noire is raising concern among carriers, users and the Consumers ' Association that the ‘public-private partnership’ concession “will quickly bring about an increase in transport prices and hence that of essential products.” Management “is ceded to a private consortium which must maintain and make profitable this route built by billions of FCFA thanks to Chinese pre-financing.” The Congolese Association of consumer rights “is convinced that the tariffs for the crossing of toll stations are already being revised upward for motorists. These rates range from 1500 F for sedans to 40,000 F for heavy goods vehicles. It's huge and it's going to weigh heavily on the housewife's basket,” they say.

Source: RFI Afrique