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KPTU Calls on the Government to Prohibit Dismissals during COVID response

In Korea, despite some support measures by the government, most airlines, ground handers and contracting companies are forcing workers to use their vacation time or take unpaid leave during the COVID-19 Crisis. Learn how PSI Affiliate KPTU is standing up for these essential workers.

Source: kptu.net

Korea: KHMU Campaigns Against For-Profit Hospitals

The Korean Health and Medical Union (KHMU) will organise a series of campaigns this year to defend the right to quality public healthcare and for workers’ rights in the sector. At its 21st anniversary ceremony and regular congress which took place on 27-28 February, the union decided to include all-out mobilisation against the expansion of for-profit hospitals and against precarious work.

Source: PSI

South Korean government responds to workers’ demands for justice for young worker Kim Yong-gyun

The South Korean government has announced today a series of measures in response to the tragic death of 24-year-old power plant worker, killed in an industrial accident resulting from the “outsourcing of danger” and lack of safety measures at Taean Power Plant.

Source: PSI