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JR Hokkaido confronts the harsh realities of financing rail lines in depopulated areas | The Japan Times

Problems with JR Hokkaido are raising questions about the wisdom of railway privatisation in 1987. “JR Hokkaido has become the most embattled of the former JNR entities, and one can sense in media coverage of its existential problems a conflict over whether privatization is still a good thing for a service that was once taken for granted despite its chronic tendency to lose money.”

Source: The Japan Times

Privatization of water supply operations is unnecessary

A poll of local government heads says privatization of water supply operations is unnecessary. “In a multiple-choice question asking for their reasons, 51 percent of the respondents who said the contracts were not necessary said ‘entrusting water supply services to the private sector is not suitable for safety reasons’; 39 percent said they ‘feel uneasy about reestablishing management systems if private-sector entities withdraw from operations’; 38 percent said ‘water rates may rise’ and ‘the system is fine as it is now.’”

Source: pop-client

Japan Enacts a Revised Water Supply Act to all for-profit PPPs

Despite the mounting evidence of the problems of public-private partnerships (PPPs), private concessions, or other forms of turning public water utilities into profit machines for private corporations, the pro-market national government of Japan snuck in a legislative provision to do just that. PSI supports Jichiro, Zensuido and allies opposing water privatisation bill in Japan.