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Barbuda Fights Enclosures and Neoliberal Dispossession After Hurricane Irma

Attempts by the neoliberal government of Antigua to dispossess and enclose Barbuda, where traditional communal land rights have persevered till this day, are continuing, but not without vigorous resistance from Barbudans themselves. The Latino Media Collective spoke with Dr. Matthew Quest about the struggle for social and environmental justice in Antigua & Barbuda.

Source: Black Agenda Report

Enclosure, Dispossession and Disaster Capitalism in Antigua and Barbuda

As recovery efforts from Hurricane Irma proceed in Barbuda, concerns are being heard about the privatization of land ownership. “The new law does this by granting private property deeds to the Barbudans. But also by enclosing them in their historical village, Codrington, and undermining their historical use of commonly held land for farming, grazing of animals, and restricting their use of beautiful pink sand beaches.”

Source: Black Agenda Report