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Workers at large community nursing and homecare provider on strike

Members of the Public Service Association have gone out on a week-long strike to protest “a decade of erosion of their pay rates,” says Kerry Davies, PSA national secretary. The Nurse Maude Care Coordination in Porirua and the Hutt Valley, where they work, is managed by a nonprofit, “The situation for administrators is so dire that many of them are on pay levels below the Living Wage. Their colleagues are standing together to fight for the recognition and pay they deserve,” says Davies.

Source: The New Zealand Public Service Association - Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi

Royal Commission to look into introducing private competition into aged care

The formation of another Royal Commission to look into introducing private competition into aged care and is just “kicking a political hot potato into the long grass” and flies in the face of past experience, says the Sydney Morning Herald’s economics editor. “But we do know that childcare was thrown into crisis when one private provider, ABC Learning, which had been allowed to acquire about half the nation’s childcare centres, went belly up. We know that making vocational education and training ‘contestable’ was a costly disaster, as many private providers conned youngsters into signing up for unsuitable courses (and debt).”

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Norwegian municipalities bringing social services back into public hands (by Bjørn Pettersen and Nina Monsen)

This article discusses the processes of remunicipalisation in Norway. In recent years, 21 services have been de-privatised and brought back into public hands in municipalities across the country. This wave of de-privatisations comes after a change in political leadership in many municipalities after the local elections of 2015. Cooperation between the trade unions, the municipal administrations and the local politicians has been fundamental in these remunicipalisation processes.


World Social Protection Report 2017–19. Universal social protection to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Executive summary

This ILO flagship report provides a global overview of 1 recent trends in social protection systems, including social protection floors. It analyses the current state of social protection for children, for women and men of working age, and for older persons, following a life-cycle approach. Based on new data, the report offers a broad range of global, regional and country data on social protection coverage, benefits and public expenditures on social pro- tection. It presents new estimates on effective social protection coverage for a comprehensive monitoring of social protection systems.

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