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A new round of privatization battles is coming to France

A new round of privatization battles is coming to France. The Macron government is planning to sell stakes in airport operator ADP along with energy utility Engie and state gaming monopoly Française des Jeux. “The plans to privatize ADP, previously known as Aéroports de Paris, have also proven contentious since the government had to decide whether it wished to maintain control of the land, which is held by ADP through a perpetual license. (…) Vinci, the French construction and infrastructure operator, holds 8 per cent of ADP and is seen as a likely bidder for any stake that the state sells.” But “opposition groups are already up in arms. Marine Le Pen, head of the far-right National Rally party, said it is ‘insane’ to try to privatize ADP, while far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon vowed to nationalize all major state companies if ever his movement comes to power.”

Source: lesechos.fr

São Paulo government looking to privatize coastal highways

BNamericas reports that “in addition to the airports, the government is also analyzing the possibility of privatizing railroads that were not in the plan, as well as the branch of electronic bets of the federal lottery, which are likely to produce R$ 6 billion (US$ 1.9 billion) in concessions and R$ 4 billion in taxes (US$ 1.25 billion).” It is also looking at privatizing coastal highways. “Companies interested in the privatization will need to invest in a range of improvements, such as widening roads and construction of new bypasses, and not merely spend on maintenance, said Giovannni Pengue Filho, president of state highway regulator Artesp.” [Sub required]

Source: BNamericas

Lottery privatization threatens 200,000 jobs

Lottery privatization threatens 200,000 jobs. “The lotteries, presently a monopoly of the state run bank CEF, were split into Lotex (scratch lottery) and SportBeting (sports gambling). The development bank BNDES is modelling the privatization. CEF has some 13,000 franchised lottery stores concerned with the move, as they employ 200,000 people and the winner of the concessions would certainly explore electronic gambling channels.” [O Estado de São Paulo, 16 April 2017]

Source: peopleoverprof.it