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Women journalists face the inevitable privatization of their institutions

La Presse calls attention to the plight of women journalists. “Women journalists, like their colleagues, face the inevitable privatization of their institutions to which they have given so much. And because of this [they] are facing some uncertainty, a relentless deterioration of their working conditions, and a threat to their right to work.”

Source: allAfrica.fr

The Incoming Privatization Assault

Jeremy Mohler and Donald Cohen of In the Public Interest detail the coming privatization assault under Trump. “The entire range of public assets and services are potential targets. Since Election Day, Republican leaders have mentioned selling off public lands and privatizing the nation’s air traffic control system, nuclear waste storage, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The GOP-controlled Congress will surely redouble efforts to turn Social Security and Medicare benefits into individual vouchers. For conservatives, having Trump at the helm is a trifecta of opportunity. First, there’s a lot of money to be made—about $7 trillion spent each year by federal, state, and local governments. Second, there’s a chance to severely weaken public-sector unions, a powerful pro-government force and a formidable political opponent in elections. Third, free-market ideologues see an opening to fundamentally redefine the role of government. In a democratic society, citizens have rights and responsibilities to each other. In a market society, people are individual consumers of a limited set of public services.”

Source: The American Prospect