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The Union of Tunisian University Teachers and Researchers has staged a sit-in to protest the freezing of wages of striking teachers

The Union of Tunisian University Teachers and Researchers (IJABA) has staged a sit-in in front of the Ministry of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to protest the freezing of wages of striking teachers. Najmeddine Jaouida, General Coordinator of the union, called on MEPs not to adopt a bill which would promote investment in the private education sector. He felt that this law would provide for a definitive break with the public university and lead the way to an anarchic privatization of universities.

Source: La Presse de Tunisie

Privatization of the municipal waste system

Privatization of the municipal waste system is “an option” being considered by the mayor of the Provincial Municipality of Chiclayo, Marcos Gasco Arrobas. After years of working under appalling conditions, workers have launched an indefinite strike to protest the annulment of the collective agreement signed with former mayor David Cornejo. Gasco has threatened to fire the workers.

Source: larepublica.pe

PSI extends full support to nationwide strike in India

Two-day nationwide general strike to protest against “anti-labour, anti-people and anti-national policies of the government’ was hold by Indian workers and their trade unions on January 8-9, 2019. PSI extends full support and solidarity to its affiliates, other unions and the workers of India participating in the strike action. In the PSI Solidarity Message for All India General Strike was emphasized that: "We recognise the outstanding work of the energy sector unions, through the National Co-ordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers who have organised across the country to oppose further privatisation of the essential public utility. As workers are seeking to increase the availability and affordability of energy through public ownership it is you, not governments, who are defending energy as an essential service. We are ready to support your ongoing actions to ensure the right to affordable energy is delivered and the rights of energy workers respected.”

Source: PSI

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Prevención y mitigación del COVID-19 en el trabajo

Esta lista de comprobación elaborada por la OIT es una herramienta de gestión para implementar acciones prácticas para mitigar la propagación de la pandemia del COVID-19 en el lugar de trabajo. La implementación exitosa de esta herramienta depende de la cooperación entre empleadores, supervisores y trabajadores para lograr cambios positivos en el lugar de trabajo y mejorar la preparación y respuesta al COVID-19. Los empleadores deberían involucrar a los comités de seguridad y salud en el trabajo o a los delegados de seguridad en el proceso.