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The government has backed off its plans to privatize the National Insurance Corporation

The government has backed off its plans to privatize the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) after workers began moving to short-term contracts. “Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ms. Suzana Mkapa, noted here yesterday that instead of privatizing NIC, the government will carry out major reforms for NIC to run its operations profitably. ‘The government is determined to revive its National Insurance Corporation to competitively run its activities,’ said the Deputy Permanent Secretary while opening NIC workers council meeting. Ms. Mkapa informed the NIC workers council that the government will thus extend their work contracts to a period of three months beginning November after three years work contracts had expired last month.” Mkapa urged workers to “remain tolerant.”

Source: allAfrica.com

Airport workers demand greater protection

Airport workers demand greater protection after recent attacks by passengers. “The representative structure of the handling staff (who provides assistance at airports) considers that this increase in conflicts is due to two reasons: the ‘exponential increase of passengers unsuitable for airport infrastructures’ and the transformation of the market, with ‘privatization of companies and companies’ and ‘reduction and precariousness of the workforce.’”

Source: Jornal Expresso

In the prison where the massacre took place, conditions are bad for the prisoners and precarious for the staff

"The prison staff were working under a double threat: that of being attacked by prisoners, even outside working hours, and that of losing their jobs, so there was a high staff turnover. Therefore there are conditions present which can lead to exacerbation of violence and torture within the prison environment."

Source: www.world-psi.org

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Trashed: How Outsourcing Municipal Solid Waste Collection Kicks Workers to the Curb

This research examines how the outsourcing of the municipal solid waste collection services in Winnipeg has impacted the quality of jobs for those who work in this industry. Our research shows that the outsourcing of these services has resulted in many of these positions being filled through temporary help agencies (THA) and that the quality of this type of work is very precarious.